Welcome to my Website!

Hello how are you ? good, good :)
Here is my little place, it's not much yet but I'm working on that.
I have no idea what this site will be about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You can guess by the 283 pages, I have too many ideas of what I can do here

English is not my first language and although I can read it with few issues, writing is a bit harder.


This site was made so that I can practice webbuilding(is that the word?)
and I needed a place where i'd put my OC's lore, instag*** is a choice I don't want to take

This site is still under construction
I have no idea of what I'm doing lol

By the look of it, It mostly is an online diary and an image bank

for now at least
Hope you'll like this place :)
Good night, why do I always change index text last before going to bed ? lol