Hello o/

I'm Light,
I'm 21, leo sign,
I'm a guy, but ehhh you know
I like boys, omg, I've been single all my life pls I'm having a crush on every guy I meet HELP
If you guessed that my favorite color is light blue.. oops sorry it's green

So I'm european, I speak french & english
I studied photography, graphic design, html was a fun thing in class for a year,
I've played the violin for 3 years, but now I'm trying the guitar and singing,
when September comes, I'll go to an art college (where hopefully I won't be the only guy in class again) with some close friends

I spend way too much time on Internet
Homestuck/cartoon trash
I had a Google+ account, I met some really cool people there
I like bad fashion, I think it's fun !
I LOVE rings & accessories
Love flowers Love flower language Love symbolism
Love watching videos essays on things I haven't watched and never will
I'm fond of the early 1900's aesthetic, but not the morals
I like music from any time
I would like to make my own webcomic one day, no idea how tho
Drag race let's goooo

A website ?

I am very slow at understanding things but Html was a course in my class and it was very fun.

I made this site to get better at coding and oh boy is it hard. But I don't regret it, I'm happy so far with what's already here

Since that class in 2020, I've been meaning to make my own website,
but I've been told by my teacher that I needed a server and it costs money, so I gave that up.
But until (01/July/2022) I've been bingewatching (bingesurfing ?) neocities websites after visiting Warp Zone's Webpage that I've clicked on artfight.

holy shit I can't wait to do it ! It'll be my turn soon to have a cool website ! And by cool I mean Tacky 90's-early 2000'ssites with too many buttons and moving backgrounds hshsobsbkjsbsgkjskdgs