I can't believe I'm having a diary at 21 and not before lmao
Sorry the text is a bit clustered I'll fix it one day



Guess what ? I gave up the Iframe, Copy/paste the header code it is.. for now !
Also I'm going to bed at 6am tonight;earliest since the start of June


The active class in an Iframe is driving me crazy OMG! Why is it so hard ?!!
What the FUCK is jQuery ??? There's so many way to script this and none of it work !
In every results I've seen, Only one person needed help with "an active class in an Iframe header" which is exactly what I need,
FUCK THIS I'm going to bed, I'll look again later
I'll abandon one or the other if I can't find the solution


It was my Birthday some days ago
And with that a friend of mine invited me to go get some drinks tonight, well I thought so.
He immediatly told me that he asked me because he was bored & it turns out he thought my birthday was on the 10th..
I was born on the 9th..
But it's fine ! Totally fine ! And my parents gave me 100€ as gift for the night. Good thing I only kept 80 of it and spent 20 already because when I got to my friend's home I lost everything
I always lose money when I hang out with him somehow, really I should be used to it by now, but I have a weird relationship with my funds since I got to have lunchmoney (I would often not eat lunch because it meant having more cash)
We're not poor, but, you know, It doesn't hurt to spare and get ready for later
I was supposed to sleep in his couch but I just felt too bad, so I waited until 6am when buses start to work to go home, without waking my friend
I didn't tell my parents I lost more than half of what they gave me..


So I got some thinking and I decided I just won't care what my gender is, I'm enby but I don't mind being seen as a guy. I don't really help with that lol I'm too lazy to shave despite hating having facial hair (I made that fun by having a curled mustache lmao).

Friend sleepover: 01/08/22 - 03/08/22

Day 1

I made my bag for the sleepover and finished preparing minutes before going out, I said goodbye to mom and went to the bus stop
It is 13:35 and the bus comes at 13:39.. I'm half certain I'll miss it so I run to make it in time
So I arrive, someone tells me that the bus won't come here, I'll have to go to the next one, ughhh okay. I assume it's because of road work or whatever
Thankfully, There's another bus that comes at 14:08, The train leaves at 14:23, There's no way I'd make it in time but there's some hope, I send a quick text to one of the girls, the one I'm supposed to take the train with, and tell her I may not make it in time
It is now 14:48 and the 5th scheduled bus is finally here a few minutes late, I'm scared that the nice old lady I talked to while waiting misses it since she went to buy some cigs but it's ok, someone told the driver to wait for her
I leave the train at 16h-ish, My friends waited for me.
we get to her house and realise we haven't planned what to do lol
I showed this website as an idea, they said they liked it
When her father arrives, because her parents came back from Italy too, which wasn't planned, he asked me if I wanted him to cut my sideburns (Just tell me I don't look like I can shave asshole).
Of course I'm too polite to say no, and he took advantage of it to cut some hair too...
we ate some pizza and went to explore her old school
We had fun, we couldn't get inside buildingS (plurals ! the place was freaking huge, the size of a small village for a school) but we got to hang around in the tennis court, we were supposed to get home before dark but we had so much fun beings dumbasses. I got stuck stargazing for a minute but the light pollution of the city hid most all but a few stars
Her dad made a scene about how her room was dusty despite the fact that they were gone for 3 weeks, she tidied up the day before we came and that OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE DUSTY BEHIND THE FURNITURE STOP VACUUMING OMG !!
Anyway after that we changed to sleep, put mattresses down, played some Tomodachi Life on 3DS, until the owner of it went to sleep, and whisper-laughed until 5am

Day 2

We(I) woke up at 10am, I'm not used to getting up right after waking up, so I was still tired after eating breakfast
one of the girls put some makeup on me, it felt nice, then she tied my hair in two tails like on tiktok, that was fun
we went to a park after buying a cake and drinks, there were no reason to eat a cake despite the friend group activity aesthetic, but there's no need for a reason to eat cake, we still said that it's to celebrate 2 of our coming birthday since we doubt we'll see each other before next month.
we get home and see her mom. We went to the pool, I usually get self-conscious about showing my back and wear a shirt to hide but it was too hot and I was too lazy to deal with a wet shirt
the father proposed to drive us to some fastfood while he goes to the gym, we said yes and then walked down another park and some streets. There's a mall that doesn't close its doors when it's closed apparently so we explored it, we were alone, the vibes of being alone in an otherwise crowded place is nice actually, at least when it's still lit.
Back home we played some Tomodachi Life again until the girl went to sleep. This time we watched the 2 first Twilight movies and kept making fun of it
"Donne moi ton attrape-rêve" "Bella ! Where the hell have you BEEN loca ?" "Bella you stink !" "so which one is the worst, a 109 guy dating a 17 years old girl, watching a stranger sleep at night in their room, "age is just a number" in a teenager movie or wanting to bang a dead guy ?"
we went to sleep at 6am

Day 3

we(I) woke up at 10 am, It felt like i was stinking so I immediatly went to wash up, we played some Wii before going to the train station, of course ours was late. I had a fun time at the sleepover, I'm really happy all 4 of us are friends and get to spend time together for fun before having to deal with moving in an appartment for school next month, aaah how stressful it's going to be


It's 10am, I spent ALL NIGHT rewriting the misc's pages and putting the right image, I gave up halfway in random,
I'm supposed to be at my friend's in 5 hours jpp, I still haven't done my bag


GUYS My friend (one of now & to-be classmate) invited us to their house after coming home from Italy (I think)
and we're going to have a sleep over !! I'm so excited ! Lezgong !
also guess what. That's right, another all nighter, but this time I've started uptading the site at 9pm, so now I'm going to bed at "only" 7am
Progress !


Today I have a half escuse for having made another all nighter, my town had its folkloric party-day-idk,
there were fireworks at midnight, there were food stands, attractions(nice), my cousin was a member of a concert that night but we kept making fun of the singer lead(?) because she's not great irl
I got to see some family I have had yet to meet,
Family I haven't see in years and see some of my friends again, I haven't seen them since they went abroad in June, it was nice to see them.
I even saw a classmate from singing class ahah


Hehe woops, I thought I'd be back a few days later, not the whole month,
I just got into the summer vacations vibes (a lot of things to do and yet doing nothing and cry) You how it is.

I've been having some doubts about being a guy,
Do I like when people call me by her or do I just find it funny ?
Do I like feminine clothes or are the ones made for men just boring ?
so uh yeah, I'm confused, I know those two things up there is kind of light confusion, but I just try not to think about my identity too much, idk why,I guess I'm scared ?
I've put the nonbinary button in the sidebar in the meantime, because if I'm not sure I'm cis, then I'm not, right ??


I've pulled an all nighter again it is 7:30 Am now, I'll deal with CSS later, Goodnight