I can't believe I'm having a diary at 21 and not before lmao
Sorry the text is a bit clustered I'll fix it one day


Sorry the site is on pause for the moment, I didn't think school would take so much time
Glossary (?): I'm not sure I'm saying the right word
*: I've got a little thing for them, They might be straight or already dating someone but y'know, I can hope.
High School (Graphic Design then Photography) (I was 17 & 18 years old then 19 & 20 years old)
University for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (2022-202?)


Green: Roommate I met in High School (Photo) She has green hair, well, it's blue, but she originally wanted it green, the color washed up into blue. We're born exactly 1 year and 1 day apart & we like to say that's why we have the same braincell together. Gosh how many times did we say the same thing at the same time ? In my workroom.
Pink: Roommate I met in High School (Photo) She has pink hair. She's really sweet and shy, She's making her own music, they have a Cavetown vibe. In my workroom
Orange: girl I met in High School (Photo) She had orange hair when I made her pseudo, in my workroom


Ro: First year with me, in my workroom. Lives near Uni. She's cool, I like her. I think by the end of the year she'll be dating Pi and I'm not alone in this
No: First year with me. Lives near Uni. She's really fun ! I think we're friends. She's someone that reminds me of a highschool(Photo) friend that almost went to University with us, but dropped out for a job, they literally share the same name. She's outgoing and friendly, she's told me that in her friend group, she'd often stay quiet, not out of shyness, but because she has nothing to say? I quite relate to that. Already knew people inside Uni before getting in
*To: First year with me. Lives near Uni. He's really fun ! I think we're friends. He either is or acts like an idiot. OMG He's the kind of person I'd affectionately call a dork ! He's funny, friendly and outgoing And you can clearly see when he cares about someone. Handsome guy, we jokingly flirted on some occasions lol, but I think he straight, just comfortable with who he is. He's dating a girl (and she seems really sweet, They look nice together). Already knew people inside Uni before getting in
*Al: First year with me, in my workroom. He's a chill dude, he's also in a band. I think we're friends. He's on Tinder but I think he's straight. We jokingly flirted on some occasions, he likes to play-fight with Green but we know it's all joke.
Le: First year with me. She's really fun ! She doesn't like Ke either so we've bitched on him with her sometimes. She has her car permit !! Good for her :)
*Lu: First year with me. He's so weird in a good way. Said he's bi I think (or that he would be ok to experiment, should the occasion arise.) He's fun. Already knew people inside Uni before getting in(at least I think so, There may be a time where I've heard someone say he knew nobody, but quickly made friends with people (No, V)) I like his mullet
In: First year with me, in my workroom. I don't see her often, I think she's sick ? Or maybe it's depression ? She's shy and quiet and dyed her hair blue
Ke: First year with me, in my workroom. Lives near Uni. You know that ONE student in every class that's really annoying and talks too much ? That's him
Ma: First year with me. At first I thought she would be mean or distant, but once you get to know her she's really fun, I don't know her yet tho, but she's posted funny things on her Insta. She's got friends in the Uni

An: 2nd year: she's friendly, I like talking to her.
V: Third year Lives near Uni. Already knew No & To. She and her Twin sister C are fashionable and I like how they use makeup. V SEEMS distant but I think it's me being paranoiac (?) 'cuz I'd like to be friends with her so bad ! she's confidant in herself. No told me in secret that she thinks I'm cool :)
C: Third year Lives near Uni. Already knew No & To. She's less outgoing than V, I believe. At least, I've interacted (so far) Only once with her, and it was already mid-october

Br: Master one, in my workroom. He was in Numerical Art before.
Pi: Master one, in my workroom. Lives near Uni. I think by the end of the year he'll be dating Ro, talks a lot but it's bearable, he's been hanging with 3 girls in a week at some point so that confused me. Friendly and okay to help someone
Di: I Think he's in third year ? I've seen some of his work and it's great

Other people in school

*Si: A cool person I've meet on some occasion near the school They've said they're not a student but often comes by anyway, they wore makeup the first time I met them and I was awed (?)
C-word: Green's boyfriend's ex. She's what I like to think "a filler bad character to spice up the Uni Arc of our lives". we used to have another person we'd call c-word to bitch on in High School but if we knew we'd have to deal with today's C-word we would have been (a bit) nicer with her.
Ta: The only girl in Numerical Art in 1st year, to be fair they're only 5 student in Num Art in 1st year. I like her and her fashion style.
Ja: I think she's in Theatre ? I sometime see her in the school's courtyard but I've more interacted with her in the school's parties. I like her

*Lo: Lives near Uni I think. He's friends with To, No & V. He's in Music but is also in Numerical Art, idk how that work. I met him when I went to Num Art's exams, it was open to the public and I considered going there. my godfather(?). He's quiet. I like his face and his softboy attidude.
*Lo2: That's right there are 2 Lo in this. He's a First year in Numerical Art. He's very tall jpp. He's friends with Al
*Cl: Is in Numerical Art in 2nd or 3rd year. I met in at the same time as Lo. He's 18 I think ? he's kinda weird but uhhh idk I have to speak to him more to be sure
*Yo: Finally someone who's not straight in this ART school. May do drag ? I really like how they're sexually confident with themself. They're into black leather, japanese fashion uhh that sort of things, idk how to explain it I wasn't paying much attention but they've got their own thing going on. Said some nice things about me :) Wait they're not even in our school, They're in their last year of High school >:O How old are they again ? 20 ??

So far I've got some sort of crush on 8 PEOPLE !!! And that's excluding people whose name I don't know


Kar: our Performance teacher, she likes to move with her body. I think she's crazy, but that's fun. I really like her. She called me a ray of sunshine. She was a student here before
Arn: A teacher in Idm (The Main Teacher Tm of IDM (We think)) He's awkward when he talks lol, funny ahah mood. He was a student here before.
Hel: Arn' assistant. She was a student here before
Jer: Our photography teacher, strangly, photography is the subject we're the least inspired by, that's rich coming from 4 photography graduates.
Phi: The headmaster, also a teacher. Very megalomaniac. Nobody likes him.
Dri: Semiology's teacher, she's demands to be quiet in the auditorium. Monologues for two hours, she uses a mic; I've seen some poster of students depicting her as Saint Mary with her mic in her hand
Oli & Max: Numerical Art's main teachers, we have class with them on fridays, they're really annoying with stupid jokes.
Jho: A teacher
???: pregnant teacher, she's the one that makes us do actual drawings, with a model !
Chr: Contemporary Art Teacher, He's painfully obviously homosexual. He may be my favourite. He loves saying he loves chocolate and he's awkward around a crowd. His boyfriend is in Canada I believe

03/11/22 Photography museum

I went to a photography museum for Chr's work, we have to visit a museum among things and write about it.
The museum was nice, there's a section that's an introduction to photography for children.
It also has an history section and has a large collection of how shooting came to be.
they were presenting three photographs in their non-permanent sections (?) One about a village in Mexico, one about Iran's nostalgia of itself and the other about Lisette Model.
I just didn't like how there were so many Black and White pics. Of course there's not really a choice about it when colored pics weren't possible but I'm more interested in how color theory is touched upon...


For Halloween, the student council (?) organised a party on a wednesday night.
Coming in a costume would result in a free cocktail

Green, Pink and I decided to go. They came as Cosmo & Wanda from fairly oddparents and I wanted to drag for the first time.
Did you know that most Drag Queens did their first drag on Halloween ? Or, well, that's what I've heard
So I bought some stockings and a skirt, I yet again borrowed some clothes from Green, I wore long fake nails and a bra stuffed with socks.
It was fun :) The green high heels ended up hurting me more than the normal ones but eh.

me :)

We arrived an hour late but no big deal
There were less people than last time but they were almost all from the school which is nice.

Cl was there, he shaved his head to look like Walter White lol.
He came to me to say hello and said I looked good and that he was half tempted ? to take me ?? to his bed ????

Anyway I think that was when Green lied and said that To was looking after me so we went away
To be real, I think Cl was already a bit tipsy by then and even if the idea of a one night stand might be alluring to me (maybe idk)
I don't think I'm the kind of person that's actually into that ??? Idk but I want the real thing, the having a boyfriend deal, not just spending one moment with another body and call it a day.

Pi and Ro were there ! Ro had been sick since last time so it was nice to see she's still alive.
I think I saw them kiss ? But maybe it was just a goodbye kiss and I just saw it in a weird angle
In was here too !! but we didn't get to talk much, Green, Pink and I being awkward people and stuff
Regardless, To, No, Lu, C, V, Lo, Lo2, Ma, one of the guys in the mini-golf project, other students in second year,... There were a lot of people I know there.
I, of course, didn't speak with them much

By around 22:30 Green & Pink went home

I've talk with a person, one of which said I looked more myself with a skirt on during the previous party, about being not cis and how few we are, they've told me their name but I've forgotten by now, I'd have to ask them again.
Ja also came to me. That's when I learned her name. She said she liked how I danced last time (again talking about last time, I think I'll bold it every time I mention last party).
"I danced freely" which is funny cuz', you know, heels.
But to her credit, I'm unbelievably well adjusted with it, I thought I would fall but no ? I guess it's because the heels aren't the width of a toothpick

No was accompanied by someone who I think was also in drag ? Idk but they looked really cool And I really wanted to get to meet them.
That of course had to wait a few hours ahah, I didn't get the courage to go on my own and just stood there. Next to them two. With other classmates between us.

My feet were beginning to hurt so I wanted to go home, it was also almost midnight and I didn't feel like going home alone late in the night.
I went by and said goodbye to To, I don't remember what happened but I ended up staying with him.
He also, somehow, surely because my emotions are impossible to hide, realised I may be smitten by No's friend. So I ended being directly sitting next to them, with No on their other side.
To would look at me with a knowing look and it would be funny if I wasn't embarassed about it.

Anyway The person (who's name is Yo) and I finally began talking
We talked about being gay, how it's my first drag, how we came to know about that stuff, they said they were proud of me for being myself and so on :)
Then they said they were going to do a photoshoot with Lu and No at No's place and I was welcome to join in !
Hell yeah

Uhhhh god what happened then ? I'm writing this a week later.

The photoshoot's theme was about one's sexuality I think so uhhh yeah.
It was fun to do to be fair, but thankfully at this point I didn't care about anything.
Yo's pics of me were of my torso with me holding two objects. They said I positioned my hands in a nice way :)
Lu and No are dope models too

We stayed up all night doing this so of course I was really exhausted when we had to go to class
No heard Hel saying alone that she would slap some students' faces because they looked like zombies.

Photography class

This class is really confusing me.
We have to make 10 pics for december with the theme "Illusions",

we begun in september yet we still haven't done half of it despite having to show 5 pics every week..
How is that possible ? Well most of us are just recycling old photos that more or less fit.

We just don't have the time for that (even if it doens't look hard to do) and we're not inspired to it.
Jer showed in september some examples of what we could do but ehhhh.
It wasn't precise enough. 5 pics a week is too much, and that's comming from someone who had to show 20 Pics every month to another photography teacher for 2 years.
But she at least made it understandable to do and made more example throughout time than just once at the beginning.


just school

Gooood, I don't have time to do anything, we have too much homework ! Some of them are nice to do but it gets dragged on and end up being poorly made in the end.
There's never a day where I go to bed before midnight an I'm too tired in the morning to dress up into something I like.
Some teachers are also getting annoying with time but phew, it'll be okay, I think they overwhelming us on purpose to test us and it'll be easier as time goes on. I hope so


I went with Al, Lo2 and Ta and other people to the park for lunch break, it was nice even tho C-word was there.

In the evening, No asked me if I wanted to go to her place with Lu since we finished school a little earlier.
We played that Pirate of the caribbean's dice game then some truth or dare.
Since we can't come up with things we stayed with truths, Among things: They asked how many times I did it and I answered I was still a virgin blah blah blah, I had a girlfriend in Freshman year (???), even tho I knew I like boys blah blah blah.
Lu said he's bi, if i remember correctly, and No said some other people she knew thought I was cool.

To called No, saying someone invited us to their place uhhhhh how did it go then ??? Sorry It's 1am and I don't remember everything.
To, V and a friend of her came, then we went to the someone's place, No got into trouble with some men at some point but we're okay. Lo and other people I've seen but don't know their names were there.
I told myself to go home at 11pm so I didn't stay long. They were being a bit loud anyway.
Before getting out No asked me to text her when I get home, being worried to stumble upon the troublesome men, so we exchanged our number.
I got home safe :)


The school offered the students to spends the evening at the bar across the street at 8PM on a thursday.
Since I don't live far during the week, I decided to go. Green almost came but she changed her mind after she realized her boyfriend's ex would be there.
She dared me to put on a skirt, guess what, I wore a skirt, and High heels cuz why not ?

There were a few people I know, mostly from my class but my cousin was there, I keep forgetting he's also at the school and in the student council, he sais I looked cool or something, I forgot, but it was a positive comment.

Somehow. Fate has decided to bring back a classmate back from elementary school, a guy I haven't seen IN 9 YEARS, Right on the day I dress up in an unusal outfit. GREAT. Also small world, he knows Orange's cousin who's in my Uni, we had a little awkward chat. I wonder if I'll see him again.
A lot of people came to me saying that they liked my outfit, that I should go to school like that, I seem more myself that way and uhhh It's something I'm not going to unpack right now, but,.. yeah ok that would be nice.

Lo2 came and played with my (handlebar ?)mustache, saying he would have loved to have one like that too.
I talked with Cl, he said he thought I was a teacher when I went to see his exam last year, and still thought that, and that I'm 25. I also thought he was 23, but he's 18. so uhh mmh.
At some point the student council told the first year to come play a little game, we were given a word and had to find someone in another Division than us with another letter, and make up a little story. That someone would become our godfather/godmother, and we would get free beer. I ended up with Lo :)
At some point a dj came, I think it was the same guy than the last time, and Lu, To, No, some other people and I danced. Later it was just Lu and I dancing and we hugged-danced (???), well you know those slow dancing moves or something. Then he leaned into me and I almost, ALMOST went to kiss him, but I got scared of myself and that he would regret it, considering he's drunk, so we just hugged. (He told me a week later that he didn't remember dancing at all anyway, like I assumed)

To said that I looked pretty :)
To, his girlfriend and An offered to walk me home, it was midnight and I was in a skirt. I said yes.



The school made a little party after celebrating the graduates of 2020 & 2021, No invited me to stay (well she told Green, Pink and I that that was going on) and that they were going to go buy some alcohol.
I stayed with her and Green & Pink went home

Alcool mentions

Anyways we bought alcohol, I got a Porto, the graduation ceremony (I think it was that) lasted about 30 min,
then some students dj-ed and the cafetaria offered free uhhh something (I'm going to say cheap champagne) until 21:30.
Lu, Ro and Pi, some older years and their friends were there too.
Then we (Lu, No & I) went to No's place and it's even closer to the school than we are, like, it's literally around the corner.

I smoked a little, I wasn't pressured to. I didn't feel anything at first but
Idk if it was that, dancing a lot, Drinking a bit much, her place being hot, or all of the above, but I uhhh yeah, toilets
They were nice, telling me I was brave (Ok ???? wtf ? How am I brave there Idk)
I kept saying sorry tho, which is something I've already said before when I'm at that point of drunk sooo patterns ? lol
No offered me a bed, I quickly texted Green I was going to sleep at No's place
other people came later but I was too sick (?) to care. other people crashed there I think

When I woke up it was 6:30 and I thought No was going to wake up soon, but at 7:15 I decided to get up, put my coat on & went home.
I showered and talked with Green & Pink, asking me how it went and being surprised I was already home, expecting to see me at school
They ate MacDonalds... without ME !! OMG !! they said they were going to eat ravioli !! I got karmated lol
I didn't see Lu, Ro nor No at school, them beings in different groups than me today but I guess they were too hungover to come
Also when a 2nd year saw me (V) she asked if I were okay, I said yes but now I know she and No are roommates
UGHHHH I felt a little like a loser at the moment, I really want to be friends with V but I don't want her to think I'm not worth it ??? (idk she just look cool and fun( and a little bitchy, I don't want to be her ennemy))
But it has been fun, aside from that, I had fun, I also told No I'm crushing on Lo at some point, hopefully she forgot about it ahah
I only told my parents that there was a party, and I drank a little.


Nothing much today despite new homework: 10 photo and 26 draw/pics/video/sounds or sculptures for december
Al and I flirted a bit on the class messenger


Lu isn't going to our room I heard it wrong, but someone else is (1st year girl(In(I should make a glossary of people's initials)))
We made our first artistic excercice today, this morning we had to make the silhouette of a nude model with scissors and newspapers
I just so happen to "know" this model (I followed her on Insta, thinking she's also a photograph student in our previous school, but it was just pics in which she posed) so, in a break, we had a small talk, it was nice :)
In the afternoon, we had to make a scene with our shoes; the shoes suggested the rest of the bodies.
I was with Pink, Al and a 2nd year, we had the idea of making a murder scene and a uhhhh suggestive scene loll, at some point we needed to show the other what the suggestive scene was so Al and I recreated the scene

Pi invited Green, Pink, Al and I to a bbq in his place, Al couldn't make it but we still went, uhhh we didn't stay long ahah.
We barely knew anyone, only Pi, Ro, the guy in our room that doesn't talk (he's in his 4th year, master one (M1)) and the girl that stopped Arts to be in Medecine, we didn't even talk with her :c ; the rest were friends or flatmates of P; the food was ok the potato salad was good, I don't usually like cold meal but it was good
The place is in the total opposite of us in the city, so it's a 10-15min walk, we said goodnight at 22


Ok so our friend that's in another class (god I should really look up what the word is) is dropping out because she may have gotten into a job as a tattoo artist and I'm really happy for her :)
Lessons are going ok, we're finally having some ahah. We're in the 4 groups but thankfully it's just that; not the groups within groups like I've said before, I guess that'll only be for Fridays
Also I'm going bonkers, we finish everyday at 17:30. It's a GREAT thing that we took an appartment that next to the place, and not in another city
There's already a teacher we don't like lmao, we found the school's meme insta page and there's some about that teach' being uhhh hard to like
I'm seeing Lo everyday, like EVERYDAY, how's that possible ? He's not in Visual Arts but in Music but he's taken a side course (is it that word ?) in Numerical Arts, that's on the 3rd floor, I'm on the 1st floor. He's in some of our lessons too ???? what ?? He's a 3rd year ??? But he's going in 1st years lessons ??? okay. Oh and he's friends with a lot of students in my course, maybe that's why I see him often
Ro liked my outfit, oh and another 1st year guy (Lu) is going in our room/class because he's blocking the way in another room. So there's 8/13 of 1st years at the same place lol


Ahah guess what. I was really tired when I woke up. Not because of yesterday but I was on my phone until 2am. So as the Art Student Cliché™ I got a coffee at the cafeteria and went to the auditorium Today we learned that every friday everyday first year in Visual Arts were going to work together (cool) in groups (not cool)
We're put in 4 groups of 25 so that 4 classes can be taken. But then we were regrouped in 5 groups of 5, with each student from a different class.
we're told that every year, the first year will have a project to realise for the Open day, this year is a minigolf. Sounds fun
I was excited to see who I'd be with, a lot of student seemed nice and had a nice style but I got paired with uhhhh people I wouldn't talk to in another context, guess that's why the direction made that choice lol
We had to make 3 project ideas all day and then present it at the end, the teachers would choose which idea we'd take.
God.. my group was boring, I don't like it. And apparently it'll be that group all year
Two of them are okay, we wouldn't talk in normal settings but they're ok, the third barely talk (that's rich coming from me but come on) and the fourth talked too much to say nothing
We ended up with a tarology theme, well it was our(my) only idea that we worked on, thankfully no one else thought about it, "dreams" "society's problems" "ecology" & "optical illusions" were up often
In hindsight, my group isn't the worst. At least they're not mean (yet to be seen) and I'm not with Green's boyfriend's ex, she's here, and she's problematic
Talk about a twist, I joked about being in a new season with new characters but like, we have a villain now


Today we had to move furnitures into the rooms.
We also decided who was going into what room, so I'm with my 3 three friends (Green, Pink and Orange) Ro, Pi, another first year guy (Al) and a master one I think
Also I swear to god, if we finish school everyday at 17:30, I'll go bonkers

Okay so right after finishing writing this I looked at my phone and saw that No texted me inviting us to a bar at 10PM the same day.
Green & Pink were hesitant but were excited about being invited to something,
we went there and chatted a bit, another firts year girl (Le) saw us and said hey, she was with friends of hers and they told her my mustache looked cool
Lo was also here at some point :)
We dressed up for the occasion but we were going to be tired if we went home too late, so Green and Pink went home, I stayed an hour more and went too


So turns out not all of us are here, someone got into another class and another totally changed from arts to medecine
Every first year were introduced to the school with a 4 hour long monologue from the headmaster, so that was fun.
We're 100 students in First year in Visual arts, well the auditorium can sit 100 people. I guess that's why they told us that we were a lot this year and some people could be not taken.
At midday in our lunch break we met a student, idk what class he is but he looks really cool (I'll call him Si) After that my class was introduced to every student in every year (5 years) of our division (is that the word?) with every class, there are 28-30 people, which is one of the biggest amount in Visual Arts. The teacher asked the student how we could set up the rooms, we were set into groups, but as the first years are new we had no idea of what to say, I didn't say one word lmao

someone who gratuated was celebrated so I stayed a little after the end of the school day (17:30 omg), then someone I was talking to invited me to go with them to the cafe/bar in front of the school (which uhh, kinda sus btw (the bar in front of an university, not me getting invited))), I spoke with a third year, a new first year that has to make her entrance exam, 2 two years, the master one(Di) I was grouped with, he jokly said I spoke more at that moment than in school lol, and a student I don't know which year he is.
At some point The master one told everyone was invited to someone's birthday party. I went with the 3rd year (Pi), the new 1st year (Ro)and the girl from the seemingly couple (No)(The guy is To) (I now don't think they're a couple, just close friends, also they know a lot of the student from our division so that's cool).
We had fun ! I was scared but it went fine ! very fine, maybe a bit too fine ahah, we saw the birthday girl for like 30 seconds but I saw S and a guy (Lo) I met from the time I hesitated to go to another division and went to see Numeric Arts's firsts year exams (the public could go see it) before I chose to go to IDM (uhhhh, basically it's called "Image dans le milieu", we make art installations, we use photography, sounds, videos, 3D materials, uhhhh yeah.) HE RECOGNIZED ME !!! OMG.

Alcool mentions N brought some white wine that she And I drank, I had already drunk some at the graduation party and a cocktail at the bar, so I got a little drunk but it was ok, it didn't go too far don't worry. Anyway I smoked a cigarette whoops also I discovered that beer doesn't make me gag when I"m already tipsy. ANYWAYS I got to talk with some people there too it was fun, I went home at 22:30


All of us ! all 14 of us are in !!! omgggg I'm so happy !!


So the site has reached 10k views That's great ! I'm so happy ! I've made a thing for the occasion lol


There was a huge spider on the wall.
One of our roommates had already been gone to their parent's, thankfully.
My other roommate and I had started watching Ghost Whisperer to relax after our exams, finally having some time to ourself before going back home on monday 6th, until midnight. But when I went to the bathroom at 2am and then took a drink in the living room, I saw it, in the middle of the wall, above the posters we bought not even a week before. I had awaken my friend or they weren't asleep either because they asked what I was doing and they heard me panic, causing them to see what's going on.
The 3 of us are huge cowards when it comes to take care of them but it's usually me or my still here friend that do it. But they weren't THAT big and they didn't move.
(I should give them pseudos to make it easier; "Green" is my friend that's involved here & "Pink" is the spared friend)
we barricaded ourself in her bedroom and resumed watching our show 'till 6am.
We panicked and went outside in PYJAMAS AT 6AM to search for an open store to buy pesticide but to no avail.
When we got back it wasn't on the wall anymore, no idea of where it could be
So we went to sleep with a locked door on the bedrooms.
By the time it was 4pm, we had bought pesticide, sprayed it all over the house, took stuff and took the train to go home, never mind the day of rest that was cut off


So our entrance exams are over, yesterday we had to show autoportraits, that night we (me and my roommates) watched the third Twilight movie.
Today we had a small talk with three teachers. We'll get to know if we're taken on the 9th



Hello o/ I'm so sorry I haven't been active in 10 days (I think) I had to prepare for my entry in a new school lol
We had to send things like a portfolio & Resume
And I had to move into my dorm with two friends last tuesday after getting the keys the day before

My desk
I just moved in !!!!

Today was the first day of our entrance exams (?), we got to meet the other potential students, out of 18, 14 showed up, there's me and my 3 friends; Two cute guys (one looks like a cowboy omg); 4 girls who look really cool ! A seemingly couple (???) And two other people. we had fun, we had to present an artist (I chose Paloma, a drag french queen) then make an exercise where we had to "play with space" using three proposed items.
Everyone is great, they're almost all fun and we hit it off almost instantly, which is rare sinc we're shy but I guess it's easier when you're all artists lol, I hope I become friends with, at least get on well, and that we're enlisted for the 3 next years


Finally did a gallery
I've been working on it for 12 hours, :)
Ok I'll admit I've been disctracted an hour or two, but still, omg, it's because there's javascript again
But this time I did NOT give up
I should have though lol it's 2pm, I don't know if I'll take an all nighter (all dayer ?) or if it'll be okay to take a nap

Sorry for not updating for a while, I had to prepare one entrance exam for my next school.
I did everything last minute of course, but it's been in the corner of my mind for a bit.
Among things, I had to make a portfolio, so I put some photography pics and drawings, I'm taking advantage of that to finally make a gallery


Guess what ? I gave up the Iframe, Copy/paste the header code it is.. for now !
Also I'm going to bed at 6am tonight;earliest since the start of June


The active class in an Iframe is driving me crazy OMG! Why is it so hard ?!!
What the FUCK is jQuery ??? There's so many way to script this and none of it work !
In every results I've seen, Only one person needed help with "an active class in an Iframe header" which is exactly what I need,
FUCK THIS I'm going to bed, I'll look again later
I'll abandon one or the other if I can't find the solution


It was my Birthday some days ago
And with that a friend of mine invited me to go get some drinks tonight, well I thought so.
He immediatly told me that he asked me because he was bored & it turns out he thought my birthday was on the 10th..
I was born on the 9th..
But it's fine ! Totally fine ! And my parents gave me 100€ as gift for the night. Good thing I only kept 80 of it and spent 20 already because when I got to my friend's home I lost everything
I always lose money when I hang out with him somehow, really I should be used to it by now, but I have a weird relationship with my funds since I got to have lunchmoney (I would often not eat lunch because it meant having more cash)
We're not poor, but, you know, It doesn't hurt to spare and get ready for later
I was supposed to sleep in his couch but I just felt too bad, so I waited until 6am when buses start to work to go home, without waking my friend
I didn't tell my parents I lost more than half of what they gave me..


So I got some thinking and I decided I just won't care what my gender is, I'm enby but I don't mind being seen as a guy. I don't really help with that lol I'm too lazy to shave despite hating having facial hair (I made that fun by having a curled mustache lmao).

Friend sleepover: 01/08/22 - 03/08/22

Day 1

I made my bag for the sleepover and finished preparing minutes before going out, I said goodbye to mom and went to the bus stop
It is 13:35 and the bus comes at 13:39.. I'm half certain I'll miss it so I run to make it in time
So I arrive, someone tells me that the bus won't come here, I'll have to go to the next one, ughhh okay. I assume it's because of road work or whatever
Thankfully, There's another bus that comes at 14:08, The train leaves at 14:23, There's no way I'd make it in time but there's some hope, I send a quick text to one of the girls, the one I'm supposed to take the train with, and tell her I may not make it in time
It is now 14:48 and the 5th scheduled bus is finally here a few minutes late, I'm scared that the nice old lady I talked to while waiting misses it since she went to buy some cigs but it's ok, someone told the driver to wait for her
I leave the train at 16h-ish, My friends waited for me.
we get to her house and realise we haven't planned what to do lol
I showed this website as an idea, they said they liked it
When her father arrives, because her parents came back from Italy too, which wasn't planned, he asked me if I wanted him to cut my sideburns (Just tell me I don't look like I can shave asshole).
Of course I'm too polite to say no, and he took advantage of it to cut some hair too...
we ate some pizza and went to explore her old school
We had fun, we couldn't get inside buildingS (plurals ! the place was freaking huge, the size of a small village for a school) but we got to hang around in the tennis court, we were supposed to get home before dark but we had so much fun beings dumbasses. I got stuck stargazing for a minute but the light pollution of the city hid most all but a few stars
Her dad made a scene about how her room was dusty despite the fact that they were gone for 3 weeks, she tidied up the day before we came and that OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE DUSTY BEHIND THE FURNITURE STOP VACUUMING OMG !!
Anyway after that we changed to sleep, put mattresses down, played some Tomodachi Life on 3DS, until the owner of it went to sleep, and whisper-laughed until 5am

Day 2

We(I) woke up at 10am, I'm not used to getting up right after waking up, so I was still tired after eating breakfast
one of the girls put some makeup on me, it felt nice, then she tied my hair in two tails like on tiktok, that was fun
we went to a park after buying a cake and drinks, there were no reason to eat a cake despite the friend group activity aesthetic, but there's no need for a reason to eat cake, we still said that it's to celebrate 2 of our coming birthday since we doubt we'll see each other before next month.
we get home and see her mom. We went to the pool, I usually get self-conscious about showing my back and wear a shirt to hide but it was too hot and I was too lazy to deal with a wet shirt
the father proposed to drive us to some fastfood while he goes to the gym, we said yes and then walked down another park and some streets. There's a mall that doesn't close its doors when it's closed apparently so we explored it, we were alone, the vibes of being alone in an otherwise crowded place is nice actually, at least when it's still lit.
Back home we played some Tomodachi Life again until the girl went to sleep. This time we watched the 2 first Twilight movies and kept making fun of it
"Donne moi ton attrape-rêve" "Bella ! Where the hell have you BEEN loca ?" "Bella you stink !" "so which one is the worst, a 109 guy dating a 17 years old girl, watching a stranger sleep at night in their room, "age is just a number" in a teenager movie or wanting to bang a dead guy ?"
we went to sleep at 6am

Day 3

we(I) woke up at 10 am, It felt like i was stinking so I immediatly went to wash up, we played some Wii before going to the train station, of course ours was late. I had a fun time at the sleepover, I'm really happy all 4 of us are friends and get to spend time together for fun before having to deal with moving in an appartment for school next month, aaah how stressful it's going to be


It's 10am, I spent ALL NIGHT rewriting the misc's pages and putting the right image, I gave up halfway in random,
I'm supposed to be at my friend's in 5 hours jpp, I still haven't done my bag



GUYS My friend (one of now & to-be classmate) invited us to their house after coming home from Italy (I think)
and we're going to have a sleep over !! I'm so excited ! Lezgong !
also guess what. That's right, another all nighter, but this time I've started uptading the site at 9pm, so now I'm going to bed at "only" 7am
Progress !


Today I have a half escuse for having made another all nighter, my town had its folkloric party-day-idk,
there were fireworks at midnight, there were food stands, attractions(nice), my cousin was a member of a concert that night but we kept making fun of the singer lead(?) because she's not great irl
I got to see some family I have had yet to meet,
Family I haven't see in years and see some of my friends again, I haven't seen them since they went abroad in June, it was nice to see them.
I even saw a classmate from singing class ahah


Hehe woops, I thought I'd be back a few days later, not the whole month,
I just got into the summer vacations vibes (a lot of things to do and yet doing nothing and cry) You how it is.

I've been having some doubts about being a guy,
Do I like when people call me by her or do I just find it funny ?
Do I like feminine clothes or are the ones made for men just boring ?
so uh yeah, I'm confused, I know those two things up there is kind of light confusion, but I just try not to think about my identity too much, idk why,I guess I'm scared ?
I've put the nonbinary button in the sidebar in the meantime, because if I'm not sure I'm cis, then I'm not, right ??


I've pulled an all nighter again it is 7:30 Am now, I'll deal with CSS later, Goodnight